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Manheim Township Democratic Committee Meetings

The MTDC meets the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm.
Contact Paul: 717.572.5208 or

The Wednesday, May 2nd MTDC meeting will be held at

St Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church
700 Pleasure Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601

Issues session - 6:00 pm

Business Session - 7:00 pm

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2017 Elected Democratic Municipal Officials

Sam Mecum
Tom O'Brien
Elected Democratic School Board Directors
Nikki Rivera
4-year term
John Smith
4-year term
Joyce Stephens
4-year term
Curt Holgate
4-year term
Janet Carroll
2-year term
JoAnn Hentz
2-year term
Candidate Profiles
School Board Director Candidates

Nikki Rivera
Nikki Rivera was appointed to the School Board in 2016. She is well respected for her research into board issues and has spoken knowledgably on District, Parent, and Community concerns. Nikki continues to bring transparency, honesty, and community out reach to the Board.

Nikki lives in Blossom Hill with her husband and children. She teaches Spanish at Warwick High School.

Nikki is committed to “continuing open dialogue with the community about school issues and insisting that the Board be open and transparent.”

Dr. John R. Smith, D.Ed
“There is a need for the school board to build trust, maintain transparency, use common sense in decision-making, and build positive relationships with the residents of Manheim Township. We must maintain a safe educational climate, use up-to-date technology, and promote a positive climate for student success.“

John has spent his 41-year career in education. He was a Business Education teacher at Manheim Township from 1973 to 1992. He coached Varsity Football, and was Head Coach from1985-1990. He also coached Basketball and Softball while at MT.

John completed his education career as Grade 12 Principal at Hempfield High School. After retirement, he served as adjunct Student Teaching Supervisor at Elizabethtown College

Currently living in Bloomingdale, John and his wife Suzanne have been a residents of Manheim Twp for 35 years. All three children attended and graduated from Manheim Township School District.  grandsons currently attending Schaeffer Elementary School

Joyce Stephens
Joyce Stephens believes her experience in construction, as a school volunteer and a current parent will bring a unique perspective to the board

As a district volunteer for 10 years, Joyce has served as room mom and library volunteer to Superintendent Lay Advisory Committee Representative and PTO President. 

Joyce has been an inside observer to the to the changing needs of our students and the challenges that our teachers and administrators face. 

Joyce lives in Wheatstone with her husband and son. 

Curt Holgate
Curt holds an M.A. in English from the University of Virginia and taught high school English in Virginia for seven years.  An Army veteran who served in Viet Nam, Curt retired from the Postal Service after 30 years as a financial manager and financial analyst.  He currently teaches at Lancaster County Academy.

“Our schools need to prepare students for careers of the future, for higher education, and for intelligent participation in our democracy.  Our school system is a treasure created and owned by the citizens of Manheim Township, and the School Board must value transparency and community engagement.  

To make decisions about the Middle School, the Board the community must focus on good financial planning in the short and long term. I bring that skill set to the table.”

Janet Carroll
Janet has extensive experience on local, state and national boards, including the Samaritan Center, Pennsylvania Hospice Network and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.

The three Carroll children attended MT schools, K-12, with two granddaughters currently attending Landis Run and Schaefer. Janet is retired from Hospice and Community Care. 
Janet believes that “by focusing on student achievement every student can receive the best education possible leading to whole life success.”

JoAnn Hentz
Jo Ann is a retired educator with 34 years of classroom experience. She has been a participant in district, state and national curriculum writing projects and has presented on a variety of topics in innovative teaching strategies.

“Our tax payers deserve better than “no tax/no spend” policy makers on the Board. We need engaged representatives who listen and share honestly with the community; reaching consensus among all stakeholders. When difficult choices arise, I want a Board that understands how their decisions will impact students and their learning environment, not just the bottom line.”

Manheim Township Commissioner Candidates

Sam Mecum
Sam was elected to the Manheim Township Board of Commissioners in 2013.
Sam has worked tirelessly for historic and farm preservation, and is particularly proud of his role as Commissioner Liaison to the MT Public Library. He has also established more open and transparent lines of communication with the news media and as the only attorney on the Manheim Township Board of Commissioners, frequently weighs in on the requirements of the Sunshine and Right to Know laws. He has also served as one of two Commissioner Liaisons to the 64 member MT Police Department, as well as the Code Compliance group.

Spending other people's money is serious business for Sam, which is why he has been outspoken about the need for careful analysis of the annual budget requests from the numerous departments of Township government.

Tom O'Brien
Tom O'Brien was the first Democrat elected in Manheim Township. He served 16 years as a member of the Manheim Township School Board and served as Vice President of the school board from 2003 to 2011.  Tom is currently employed by the Rite Aid Corp and has over 36 years of national and international business experience.  

Tom is committed to ...

Providing transparency. Residents have the right to access and input to the Township budgetary process.

Engaging in long-term comprehensive planning which includes traffic management and historic and farmland preservation.

Preserving our history, the farmland that remains, and protecting our environment from excessive and ill-  conceived construction.

Endeavoring to maintain and increase property values in every neighborhood by providing quality services at a lower tax rate.

Bill Ziegler
Bill grew up in Manheim Township, attended Manheim Township schools and graduated from Shippensburg University in 1999. In 2011, he earned his Masters in Educational Leadership from Cabrini University. Bill now teaches Social Studies at Manheim Township High School and has worked in education since 1999. In addition to teaching, Bill has coached -Football, Track and Field, an-d Quiz Bowl.

"Our Board of Commissioners needs to be more transparent and collaborate with all stakeholders in the community and those that share our borders. Manheim Township is facing major traffic issues and those will be compounded with the completion of upcoming projects and the possible development of the Oregon Dairy site. We need to rejoin the Lancaster Inter-Municipal Committee so that we can work together with other townships and Lancaster city to solve the problems ahead."

Community First

"As a longtime resident of Manheim Township, I feel that we live in one of the best municipalities in the Commonwealth.  This does not go without challenges to maintain its first-  class reputation. We have many hurdles on the horizon that need to be met with open dialogue and an eye towards the future. I want to be a great neighbor to our community by serving on the Board of Commissioners. Working together we can build a stronger community."

Candidate Manheim Township Tax Collector

Adam Conley for

Adam Conley is a financial advisor affiliated with Prudential Financial Services. “I am running for Manheim Township tax collector to bring honesty, fairness, and dignity to the office.”

From the District Leader:

The Manheim Township Democratic Committee is one of 17 political Democratic party district in Lancaster County. Those districts and their committee people comprise the Lancaster County Democratic Committee. Our district includes all 23 precincts in Manheim Township.

We elect two committee people per precinct every four years. The next election of committee people will be during the primary in 2018.

You will see our committee people at the polls. They organize poll greeters and poll workers who monitor the election in the polling place. You will also get calls from them urging you to vote just before election day and you will meet them in your neighborhood as they canvass for our candidates.

MTDC also includes volunteers who are not committee people. All Democrats are invited to take a more active role and serve our Democratic voters.

Questions about MTDC, contact: Paul Hentz, District Leader, Manheim Township Democratic Committee 717.572.5208 (C) 717.569.6605 (H) /

MT Polling Places

Precinct Polling Place Address City
5701 Mount Calvary Lutheran Church 308 Petersburg Rd. Lancaster
5702 Landis Homes 1001 E. Oregon Rd. Lancaster
5703 St. Peter's Lutheran Church 10 Delp Rd. Lancaster
5704 Manheim Township Ambulance Association 1820 Municipal Dr. Lancaster
5705 Calvary Church 1051 Landis Valley Rd. Lancaster
5706 Harvest Bible Church 1460 Eden Rd. Lancaster
5707 Lancaster Country Day School 725 Hamilton Rd. Lancaster
5708 Susquehanna Fleet and Auto 126 Keller Ave. Lancaster
5709 Lancaster Church of the Brethren 1601 Sunset Ave. Lancaster
5710 Grandview United Methodist Church 888 Pleasure Rd. Lancaster
5711 St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church 700 Pleasure Rd. Lancaster
5712 Grace United Church of Christ 1947 New Holland Pike Lancaster
5713 St. Thomas Episcopal Church 301 St. Thomas Rd. Lancaster
5714 Valleybrook Estates 900 Valleybrook Dr. Lancaster
5715 Neffsville Fire Hall 201 East Oregon Rd. Lititz
5716 St. Peter's Lutheran Church 10 Delp Rd. Lancaster
5717 Blossom Hill Mennonite Church 333 Delp Rd. Lancaster
5718 Manheim Township Municipal Building 1840 Municipal Dr. Lancaster
5719 Grandview United Methodist Church 888 Pleasure Rd. Lancaster
5720 Faith Methodist Church 1290 Fruitville Pike Lititz
5721 Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home and Chapel 3110 Lititz Pike Lititz
5722 Mount Calvary Church 308 Petersburg Rd. Lititz
5723 Brethren Village 3001 Lititz Pk. Lititz


Manheim Township Democratic Committee
P.O. Box 5425
Lancaster, PA 17606-5425
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